Frequently Asked Questions

Are the servers located in Thailand?

Yes, if you want. We have physical infrastructure in Thailand but also in every other continent. We recommend to host the website where most of the visitors of the website are, so if the target market is Thailand, we recommend Thailand. For example, if your target market is mostly Europe, we recommend using servers located there.


How many email address can be created with an account?

The default is 100 emails, 100 groups and 100 forwards, per domain, but if you hit those limits, we can assist to increase the limits.


Different flavors of Linux possible?

We prefer Debian Linux. It’s the most secure Linux system.


Is CDN included?

Yes, a world-class CDN is included completely for free.


Is it possible to get support for PHP 5 and PHP 7?

The default for your environment is PHP7, or PHP5 if you still would like this (although security support for this will stop in the near future so we discourage the use of it now).

Switching between versions for single websites is also possible via support.


Do you have an uptime guarantee?

We have an unguaranteed 99.99% uptime track record. We have an optional SLA that has a guarantee for the uptime (and restitution of 20% of the monthly package payment per hour of downtime up to 100%) and guaranteed support response times. We have a new SLA. Maybe this answer needs to be updated.


Is it possible to get SSH access to add new packages?

Yes, you can get user level SSH access to the managed server. Adding new packages is possible in collaboration with our support to make sure we can keep the managed server secure and stable. We generally support any common packages you or your developers want to use, such as NodeJS, Composer, NPM etc.


Support 24/7 possible? And where to call?

Yes, we have support teams around the world to provide support and respond to emergency issues with any of your servers. Our teams are automatically notified in case of down time. We can also add email and SMS notifications to automatically notify you in case of issues. For regular questions that are not urgent, we provide normal support during business hours in Bangkok. Once you sign up with us, you will receive an emergency support number.


Do you support Magento?

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform, that can be installed on our hosting, just like WordPress. So the answer is yes. But in many cases, Magento is used for large shops and that means they need many resources. So small shared hosting, might not be enough to make it run fast. In many cases, the Magento shop needs a dedicated managed server.


We host with a cloud provider such as Amazon EC2 / Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure, why should we use you?

These are cloud hosting providers. This means, they just get servers with an operating system. But they don’t get any of the services that a web hosting provider gives them.

See our blog

This is for IT/Technical teams who want to do hosting themselves. The article on our website talks about what the IT team needs to think about if they do web hosting themselves. Usually they don’t do have the knowledge there, so that’s a reason to outsource hosting to us.


What are the discounts for paying ahead?

Our pricing is monthly. If you pay one year in advance, we offer a 10% discount.


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