Serious Hosting That Your Agency

Web hosting and technical support created to drive growth in your Web or Marketing Agency.

More Time To Do What You Love.

No matter how you look at it, managing web servers isn’t what makes your Agency great (or money). Your hosting solution is simply the infrastructure you need to create outstanding web or marketing projects for your clients. Our Agency designed hosting solutions, allow you to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. While knowing technical support is there, if and when you need it

Super Fast Infrastructure To Support Super Fast Websites.

Website speed is not only important to Google’s search results, but also to usability, conversions and the overall success of your client’s sites. With dedicated hosting solutions in both Thailand and Singapore, you’ll be using the latest in high end server hardware to keep your clients page speed high and load times low.

When seconds of load time can mean the difference between your clients gaining or losing a potential customer, we’ve taken a no compromise approach to the infrastructure you’ll get on all our Agency hosting plans. All with our 99.9% up time.

Fully Managed, Simplified, Hosting Solutions.

Hosting options are a plenty. Shared, VPS, dedicated, managed, self managed, let alone deciding on the VPS/Server specifications that you’re going to need over the next 12 months. It’s confusing and often it’s hard to predict what you’ll need as a growing Agency.

We’ve simplified the entire process down to it’s core. Hosting packages designed to provide an optimal user experience for your clients, based on the number of clients you have and will grow into. All with the support of a completely managed solution from server maintenance, backups and restorations to advanced technical support and bug fixing. We’re more than just a hosting provider.

Simple hosting options

The Stuff Your Agency Needs,
Without The Fluff.

Customer Control Panel


Fed up navigating the complex cPanel? We’ve created a simplified custom control panel that lets you get done what you need to. Efficiently and easily, without the multitude of cPanel options you’ll never use - 1 click WordPress install, WebFTP, DNS settings etc.

Brain Tech Support


Hate speaking to someone who seems like they don’t have an answer? Our advanced Technical Support loves solving problems and ensuring your hosting is working like a well oiled machine. Talk to us via LINE, email, chat and phone*.

Code Support


SEO and Google is everything, whether you’re a design or a marketing agency. We’ve integrated server level image optimisation, caching and a whole lot of other things to automatically speed up your client sites without you lifting a finger.

SSL Secure


An SSL is almost mandatory now. For users and Google. Give your clients a secure website using Let's Encrypt Open Sourc SSLs. Available on every website and  installed from your control panel in a matter of seconds. Premium SSL certificates are also available for more critical client sites.

Data transfer


Tired of worrying about storage limits and traffic transfer limits of your hosting solution? Limits are no more. Get unlimited storage and traffic data on all professional and enterprise hosting solutions. Never worry about individual clients taking up more valuable server space than you’ve allocated them or they are paying for *fair use policy applies.



Have a number of clients with low traffic sites? Others with higher traffic, higher resource usage? Want to bill them differently? Our server resource reports will let you know which client sites are using more of your server resources, so you can move them to dedicated solutions or bill them differently.

Error checking


Want to know if a client site goes down/offline before the client notices? We actively monitor your client’s websites homepage and alert you if a site goes down or is throwing an error. So you can work on a fix quickly, keeping your clients happy.

Malware Icon


Support WordPress sites for your clients and worried about Malware? We’ve built a dedicated Malware scanner that will periodically scan the WordPress core files for modifications and let you know if any are found so you can fix them quickly.



Worried about having to manage backups or getting access to ones from months ago? Managed backup restore via your customer support manager for back ups up to 6 months ago.

Plus, A Hosting Solution That
Grows With You.

Our server plans aren’t fixed to a number of website installs. Nor do they rely on you knowing the exact specifications you’ll need for the next 12 months. Instead they allow the flexibility to adapt to the unique clients that you work for.

Develop a lot of small business websites that don’t receive a lot of traffic? Perfect.
Develop large corporate websites that have 10s of thousands of visitors a month? No problem.

While our agency hosting solutions have recommended website installs, these are based on a typical business website. Your Agency might get more, they might get less. Either way they’ll be optimised perfectly for the clients you work with. Better yet, we’ll monitor your server and let you know when an upgrade is probably a good idea.

Think you need an upgrade? No need to jump straight into a higher plan. Simply request a resource boost and we’ll do our magic to grow your hosting solution in line with your Agencies growth. We'll always ensure your clients have an optimal place for the websites on the web.