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Infrastructure & support for the growing needs of web design and marketing agencies, in Thailand and SE Asia.

Server Hosting Environments.

All For Yourself.

Serious hosting that's built for the demands of your agency. Sharing sucks. So does shared hosting.

This is hosting like nothing you've ever experienced. Be unashamedly selfish. Have your own server hosting environment. Your agency and clients, will be better off for it.

Agency Web Server

99.99% server uptime proven track record.

Plus outstanding stability and a free SLA

Don’t you hate having to answer the question “Why is our website offline?” from your clients. We make sure that your server and your clients, are online 99.99% of the time. And when the worst happens, the servers reboot and are back up fast, minimising downtime, client frustration and potential lost revenue.

We've even integrated proactive monitoring into your server, which means you’ll be able to fix the issue before your client realises there is one.

Start your own hosting business.

Your own branding.

From your own easy to use control panel, to your own name servers, our Agency Hosting solutions are fully customizable. Provide your clients with your own recognizable branded hosting service. Providing hosting and domains for your clients also typically means your clients will stay with you longer for webdesign and online marketing services, as you are their main provider of their internet services.

Hosting technical support

Technical support focused on solving problems.

Not making excuses.

There’s nothing worse than reaching out to your hosting’s technical support team to hear simple “sorry we have technical issues” or worse “I don’t know how to fix that” answers.

While we can't guarantee you'll never have a technical problem needing to be solved, we can guarantee that we won't brush you off

We're in business since 2002. With decades of experience in hosting, support of our Agency clients is central to everything that we do. We don’t measure support requests by how fast we can get through them. We measure support by how well we’re solving your questions and keeping you and your clients happy.

Ready To Move Your Hosting To A Dedicated Agency Provider?

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Local Hosting in Thailand & Singapore.

Shorter distances, means a better user experience.

Slow websites are just all round bad. They offer a poor user experience, result in abandonment and worse, lost revenue for your clients. 

If your clients are targeting local customers , their websites need to be hosted locally. That means within Thailand, so you're not struggling with the limited international bandwidth available when using external web hosts.

With dedicated servers available in Thailand and Singapore, no matter who your clients are targeting, you'll know that you're giving them the absolute best. A local hosting solution, on superior dedicated hardware. 

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Choose a location in Bangkok or anywhere around the world.

Speed-up websites, with local hosting, free use of our content delivery network, Server Caching and our premium Global AnyCast DNS Servers.

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Web Hosting & Support That Allows Your Agency To Do What You Do Best.

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