Web Hosting Types

Are you feeling a bit confused about web hosting services and not sure which one you should use for your website? Here is the simple explanation.

1. Shared Hosting

Basically shared hosting is exactly what its name says. You will have to “share” small server resources with others (you don’t know who). Sometimes you will know how much space and performance you can get but most of the time your hosting provider won’t tell you. That means if you are lucky enough to share with other small websites, yours will be doing fine but if you have to share with websites that get too many visitors, it means your website will be really slow or even worse… it would crash so often! (that will cost you business also!)


2. VPS Hosting

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is better than shared hosting because your web hosting provider will set up a (virtual) private server special for you (one physical server but acts like multiple, separate servers). That means you will get your own CPU, RAM and space. So the problems you have with shared hosting will not bother you here. Even the email system is better than shared hosting because it’s often that email from cheap hosting is marked as spam. And sometimes with VPS hosting you can upgrade your spec or package to suit your growing business too. Sounds good but is it expensive? Mostly VPS hosting is not too expensive compared to dedicated server so it is good for a small or medium business that doesn’t need to use big private server yet.But make sure it’s fully managed.


3.Dedicated Server

Typically Dedicated Server means it is the highest level for web hosting server because you will get an actual physical server and also fancy specification whether CPU, RAM or hard drive. You will be able to have full control so don’t worry about sharing resources. Not just control, safety is also a good advantage for dedicated server. However this kind of hosting is the most expensive one so it is suitable for more important website.  


4.Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting packages are basically a shared hosting account with extra tools to help you resell hosting space. If you are a web design agency that has a lot of customers, Reseller Hosting is a good opportunity to make more money for your company without doing too much because your provider will do almost everything for you such as control panel, technical support etc. You just need to come up with a smart idea about your packages and pricing.

At Code Orange, we give you fully managed hosting. We make sure all server software is kept up to date and maintained, We provide you backups/restores, security firewall/malware scans. We also have monitoring system to make sure your website is always working. And when you have a problem, our great technical support team will help and guide you anytime (24/7/365).


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